Ben Fought.
Now we Fight.

We’re continuing the battle for Ben and millions of others against aortic and vascular diseases.

Ben’s story was a wake up call.

Ben’s story with vascular disease is both rare and common. While his diagnosis of Aortic Dissection was rare, the disease, as with many who experience vascular and aortic diseases, seemed to come out of nowhere and escalate quickly.

Rushed to the hospital for a suspected gall bladder issue, doctors were unable to properly diagnose the true issue until it was too late. Less than 24 hours after his pain brought him to the hospital, Ben was no longer with us.

Ben’s experience was a wake up call to his friends and family to the threats of all vascular and aortic diseases, and out of this tragedy, the Remembrin’ Benjamin foundation was created. Ben’s fight lives on as we advocate and fundraise for research and awareness of these life-threatening diseases.

Aortic Dissection

And other aortic and vascular diseases

Vascular diseases, including aortic dissection, represent a significant challenge in the realm of cardiovascular health. While these conditions may not always be in the spotlight, their impact can be devastating if left untreated.

Aortic dissection occurs when a tear forms in the inner lining of the aorta, the main artery that carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body. This can develop rapidly and become fatal before diagnosed, as in the case of Benjamin, who first experienced pain less than 24 hours before he succumbed to the disease and lost his life.

Funding for research, prevention, and treatment are critical to preventing losses like Benjamin’s, and our organization is dedicated to making sure future patients have better understandings and outcomes from aortic dissection and other vascular diseases.

How we advocate

Before his personal experience with his son’s rapid passing from aortic dissection, Bruce Bradford had never even heard of the diagnosis or considered the threat vascular disease to his family. After Benjamin’s passing, Remembrin’ Benjamin was founded to support the individuals and the families of future patients.


We’re committed to funding the best researchers in the field of aortic and vascular diseases.

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As research grows, we’re using our platform to share life-saving information concerning these diseases.

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We desire to be a resource for other patients and their families and their fights against aortic issues.

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The battle to find preventative screening, detection, eduction and treatment for vascular abnormalities like aortic dissection will be a long-lasting one. We’re determined to continue to honor and remember Benjamin and many other lost loved ones by leading the charge in research and eduction of this terrible disease.